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As her impressively diverse list of credits attests, the beautiful Canadian-born Katheryn Winnick has always been drawn to the unconventional, showing range and depth with every role she plays. Winnick will next star as the fearless shield maiden, 'Lagertha', wife and warrior of a great Viking leader in the new eagerly-anticipated television series "Vikings". Produced by MGM and The History Channel, "Vikings" is an epic historical drama that chronicles legendary events of the medieval times, also starring Golden Globe Winner, Gabriel Byrne and Travis Fimmel. Winnick considers "Vikings" to be her most precious acting memories to date. This year alone, Winnick exemplifies her talent and diversity in roles when she appears as Charlie Sheen's ex in "A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III" (co starring Bill Murray, Patricia Arquette, and Jason Schwartzman); and alongside Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, and Alan Arkin in Lakeshore Entertainment's "Stand Up Guys". Upcoming, Winnick can be seen opposite Kurt Russell and Matt Dillon in the heist comedy "The Fix". Recent career highlights include a sexy turn opposite Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway in Ed Zwick's "Love and Other Drugs"; a fun, physically demanding role as one of the eponymous assassins in the Ashton Kutcher, Katherine Heigl action-comedy, "Killers" (in which Winnick did all her own stunts); a juicy recurring role as David Boreanaz's love interest on Fox's hit primetime TV series, "Bones"; and a subtly endearing performance in Sophie Barthes' "Cold Souls" (2009) alongside Academy Award-nominated co-stars Paul Giamatti, Emily Watson, and David Straitharn that resulted in a nod for 'Best Ensemble Cast' at that year's Independent Spirit Awards. Winnick demonstrates talent beyond the acting realm as an accomplished martial artist. After receiving her first Black Belt at the ripe old age of thirteen, she went on to compete in the Canadian Nationals, opened a handful of highly-successful Tae Kwon Do schools in and around Toronto, and - as if all that was not enough - eventually trained to become a licensed bodyguard. She currently holds a third-degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and a second-degree Black Belt in Karate. - Informacion recompilada de

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Fecha de Nacimiento:
Dec 17, 1977 En Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Actuaciones conocidas:
Primera actuacion en:
series Student Bodies 1997-09-27
Última actuacion en:
Ver-la-Serie Wu Assassins 2019-12-31
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Katheryn Winnick actuacion en A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III
Katheryn Winnick actuacion en The Glades
Katheryn Winnick actuacion en House
Katheryn Winnick actuacion en CSI: Miami

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Tipo Titulo Personaje Estreno
Serie Online Wu Assassins - Katheryn Winnick Christine Gavin 2019-12-31
Película Online Polar - Katheryn Winnick Vivian 2019-01-25
Película Online Speed Kills - Katheryn Winnick Emily Gowen 2018-08-16
Película Online Geo-tormenta - Katheryn Winnick Olivia 2017-10-13
Película Online La Torre Oscura - Katheryn Winnick Laurie Chambers 2017-08-03
Película Online El arte de robar - Katheryn Winnick Lola 2013-09-11
Serie Online Vikingos - Katheryn Winnick Lagertha Lothbrok 2013-03-03
Película Online Tipos legales - Katheryn Winnick Oxana 2013-01-31
Película Online Children of the Air - Katheryn Winnick Samantha Thomas 2012-01-14
Película Online A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III - Katheryn Winnick Ivana 2012-11-15
Serie Online Transporter - Katheryn Winnick Darcy Daniels 2012-12-06
Película Online The Selling - Katheryn Winnick Lagertha Lothbrok 2011-04-29
Película Online Choose - Katheryn Winnick Fiona 2011-01-17
Película Online Amor y otras drogas - Katheryn Winnick Lisa 2010-11-22
Serie Online Nikita - Katheryn Winnick Kelly 2010-09-09
Serie Online The Glades - Katheryn Winnick Valerie Dorman 2010-07-11
Película Online Killers - Katheryn Winnick Vivian 2010-06-04
Película Online Radio Free Albemuth - Katheryn Winnick Rachel Brady 2010-01-01
Película Online Cold Souls - Katheryn Winnick Sveta 2009-08-07
Película Online Amusement: El juego del mal - Katheryn Winnick Tabitha 2008-10-09
Película Online El día que Nietzsche lloró - Katheryn Winnick Lou Salome 2007-08-02
Película Online Locura mortal - Katheryn Winnick Nina Patterson 2007-01-28
Película Online 13 Graves - Katheryn Winnick Amy 2006-11-18
Película Online Kiss Me Again - Katheryn Winnick Chalice 2006-04-28
Película Online Novia por contrato - Katheryn Winnick Melissa 2006-03-10
Película Online Cloud 9 - Katheryn Winnick Olga 2006-01-01
Película Online Hellraiser VIII: Hellworld - Katheryn Winnick Chelsea 2005-09-06
Película Online Trump Unauthorized - Katheryn Winnick Ivana Trump 2005-05-24
Película Online Our Time Is Up - Katheryn Winnick Waif 2004-01-01
Película Online El aprendiz de Satanás - Katheryn Winnick Jenna Whooly 2004-01-01
Película Online Going the Distance - Katheryn Winnick Trish 2004-08-19
Película Online 50 primeras citas - Katheryn Winnick Young Woman 2004-02-13
Serie Online CSI: Nueva York - Katheryn Winnick Unknown 2004-09-22
Serie Online House - Katheryn Winnick Unknown 2004-11-16
Película Online Amor con preaviso - Katheryn Winnick Tiffany 2002-12-19
Serie Online CSI: Miami - Katheryn Winnick Unknown 2002-09-23
Serie Online The It Factor - Katheryn Winnick 2002-01-06
Serie Online Ley y Orden: Acción criminal - Katheryn Winnick Unknown 2001-09-30
Película Online Biohazardous - Katheryn Winnick Jennifer 2001-05-11
Serie Online Student Bodies - Katheryn Winnick Holly Benson 1997-09-27

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