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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Adrian Holmes (born March 31, 1974 in Wrexham and raised in Vancouver) Intense and fearless in his work, versatile and engaging, and undeniably handsome and charming, actor Adrian Holmes is positioned to become one of the most watched, in demand actors in 2011. Known for his blend of gifted talent and consummate professionalism, Holmes spent 2010 filming some of the most anticipated movies to hit the silver screen in the New Year. First, he can be seen appearing opposite Academy Award winner Halle Berry, as her love interest “Clifton” in the highly buzzed about film Frankie & Alice, slated for worldwide release in February 2011. He can then be seen in the thriller Red Riding Hood directed by Catherine Hardwicke, opposite Amanda Seyfried and Gary Oldman (as Oldman’s right hand man, in the film) to be released in March 2011. Holmes also recently wrapped working with Academy Award winner Adrien Brody in the upcoming film WRECKED, and the film HANGAR 14 opposite Steve Austin, both to be released in 2011. Holmes is not only making waves in film, he has also made his mark in television over the years, being seen on notable series such as FOX’s [Fringe]]” and Human Target, CW Supernatural and SYFY’s Battlestar Galactica He may be best known, however, for his recurring role as “Basqat” on the ninth season of long running, the WB/CW television series Smallville Originally from Barbados, West Indies, Holmes was born in Wrexham, North Wales, and lived in both Liverpool and Chester, before moving to Vancouver at the age of five. The eldest of three boys, Holmes was a natural entertainer as a child, doing Michael Jackson impressions for anyone who would watch. At 11 years old, he was cast as the Lion in his school production of The Wizard of Oz. After the show, a young girl who had come to see the play asked him for his autograph, and he was hooked. Holmes notes that he never chose to become an actor, but acting chose him. Being somewhat shy growing up, performing became therapeutic for the budding actor, allowing him to come out of his shell and grow more confident through the characters he was portraying. In Jr. High School, Holmes’ drama class wrote a play for a local drama festival called, The Challenge. The play was awarded Outstanding Junior Play, and Holmes was awarded Outstanding Junior Actor. Holmes continued to do stage productions throughout high school and college (he is a Theater school graduate) and in 1991 made the transition into television. Holmes studied in Vancouver with world-renowned coach Larry Moss and in New York City at Black Nexxus Inc. at the Times Square Arts Center. In 2004, Holmes received a LEO award nomination (The Canadian Emmys) for Best Gust Performance for his work in the series “The Collector.” With several high profile films slated for release in 2011, and his television credits building, Holmes is one actor that is sure to be on the entertainment industry’s radar for the coming years. In his spare time, Holmes enjoys traveling and tries to get back to his native Barbados regularly. Great food, fine beaches, and nearly all of his family, can’t keep him away. He also likes to stay active and can be found at the gym, on his mountain bike, playing beach volleyball, snowboarding, or enjoying a good round of golf. - Informacion recompilada de

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Fecha de Nacimiento:
Mar 31, 1974 En Wrexham - North Wales - UK
Actuaciones conocidas:
Primera actuacion en:
series Más allá del límite 1995-03-26
Última actuacion en:
Ver-la-Serie V-Wars 2019-12-31
Actuaciones destacadas de Adrian Holmes
Adrian Holmes actuacion en Battlestar Galactica: Sangre y Metal
Adrian Holmes actuacion en La cabaña en el bosque
Adrian Holmes actuacion en Sobrenatural
Adrian Holmes actuacion en Stargate SG-1

Filmografia completa - Adrian Holmes
Tipo Titulo Personaje Estreno
Serie Online V-Wars - Adrian Holmes Michael Fayne 2019-12-31
Película Online El Rascacielos - Adrian Holmes Ajani Okeke 2018-07-11
Película Online Mission NinetyTwo: Part I - Dragonfly - Adrian Holmes Inspector Zet 2016-05-03
Película Online A Christmas Horror Story - Adrian Holmes Scott 2015-07-20
Película Online Vendetta - Adrian Holmes Drexel 2015-06-12
Película Online Mission NinetyTwo: Part II - Energy - Adrian Holmes Inspector Zet 2015-02-15
Película Online Debug - Adrian Holmes Capra 2014-11-03
Serie Online 19-2 - Adrian Holmes Nick Barron 2014-01-29
Película Online Lego Star Wars: Las crónicas de Yoda - El clon fantasma - Adrian Holmes Mace Windu (voice) 2013-05-04
Película Online Battlestar Galactica: Sangre y Metal - Adrian Holmes Lt. Decklan Elias 2013-02-10
Película Online El milagro de Benjamín - Adrian Holmes Jack Reardon 2013-10-26
Película Online Elysium - Adrian Holmes Manuel 2013-08-07
Película Online Lego Star Wars: Las crónicas de Yoda - La amenaza de los Sith - Adrian Holmes Mace Windu (voice) 2013-09-04
Película Online True Justice - Violence d'action - Adrian Holmes Marcus Mitchell 2012-01-01
Película Online Blood Alley - Adrian Holmes Marcus 2012-02-28
Película Online Justicia extrema: Reacción violenta - Adrian Holmes Marcus Mitchell 2012-04-01
Película Online Justicia extrema - El ángel de la muerte - Adrian Holmes Marcus 2012-03-28
Película Online Justicia Extrema: Punto de intercambio - Adrian Holmes Marcus Mitchell 2012-09-05
Película Online La venganza es mía - Adrian Holmes Marcus Mitchell 2012-04-09
Película Online La cabaña en el bosque - Adrian Holmes Demo Guy 2012-04-12
Serie Online Continuum - Adrian Holmes Warren 2012-05-27
Serie Online Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome - Adrian Holmes Lt. Decklan Elias 2012-11-09
Película Online Anything but Christmas - Adrian Holmes Sgt. Thomas 2012-11-10
Película Online Buenos días, asesino - Adrian Holmes Kyle Vernon 2011-12-13
Película Online Guerra urbana - Adrian Holmes Marcus 2011-09-14
Película Online Tactical Force - Adrian Holmes Lampone 2011-08-09
Serie Online Justicia extrema - Adrian Holmes Marcus Mitchell 2011-07-06
Película Online Al límite de la locura - Adrian Holmes Duncan Hall 2011-06-27
Película Online Wrecked - Adrian Holmes Man in the Woods 2011-04-01
Película Online Caperucita roja ¿A quién tienes miedo? - Adrian Holmes Captain 2011-03-11
Película Online Paradox - Adrian Holmes Detective Chris Sharpe 2010-01-01
Película Online Apocalipsis en Stonehenge - Adrian Holmes Sergeant 2010-01-01
Película Online Frankie y Alice (Mente criminal) - Adrian Holmes Cliff 2010-05-17
Película Online Ice Blues - Adrian Holmes Somerville 2008-10-12
Serie Online Fringe (Al límite) - Adrian Holmes Unknown 2008-09-09
Serie Online La amenaza de Andrómeda - Adrian Holmes Sam Barton 2008-05-26
Serie Online The Guard - Adrian Holmes Unknown 2008-01-22
Serie Online Flash Gordon - Adrian Holmes Unknown 2007-08-10
Película Online Bratz Kidz. Fiesta de pijamas - Adrian Holmes Taco the Dog 2007-07-31
Película Online White Noise 2: la Luz - Adrian Holmes Marty Bloom 2007-01-05
Película Online Llantos en la oscuridad - Adrian Holmes Detective Wynn 2006-09-15
Película Online The Hard Corps - Adrian Holmes Cujo 2006-08-15
Serie Online The Evidence - Adrian Holmes Unknown 2006-03-22
Serie Online Godiva's - Adrian Holmes Unknown 2005-03-16
Película Online Hot Wheels Acceleracers: Acelera para sobrevivir - Adrian Holmes Tork Maddox 2005-01-08
Película Online Supervolcano - Adrian Holmes Dave 2005-03-13
Serie Online Reunion - Adrian Holmes Unknown 2005-09-08
Serie Online Sobrenatural - Adrian Holmes Unknown 2005-09-13
Serie Online Painkiller Jane - Adrian Holmes Unknown 2005-12-10
Serie Online Huff - Adrian Holmes Impatient Driver 2004-11-07
Serie Online Los 4400 - Adrian Holmes Unknown 2004-07-11
Serie Online The Collector - Adrian Holmes Unknown 2004-06-02
Película Online Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of 'Charlie's Angels' - Adrian Holmes Stevie Wonder 2004-03-08
Serie Online The L Word - Adrian Holmes Unknown 2004-01-18
Serie Online Hot Wheels Highway 35 - Adrian Holmes 2003-07-12
Serie Online Tru Calling - Adrian Holmes Unknown 2003-10-30
Serie Online John Doe - Adrian Holmes Unknown 2002-09-20
Serie Online Los límites de la realidad - Adrian Holmes Unknown 2002-09-18
Serie Online Smallville - Adrian Holmes Unknown 2001-10-16
Película Online Un San Valentín de muerte - Adrian Holmes Banker 2001-02-01
Serie Online Siete días - Adrian Holmes Unknown 1998-10-07
Serie Online La Clave Da Vinci - Adrian Holmes Unknown 1998-10-07
Serie Online Stargate SG-1 - Adrian Holmes Unknown 1997-07-27
Serie Online Más allá del límite - Adrian Holmes Unknown 1995-03-26

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